LinQ’s Technology arm is focused on creating successful longer term commercial outcomes for innovative projects, companies and Investors.

New technologies, rapidly shifting competitive landscapes and constantly evolving customer needs are driving continuing disruption, which is providing a unique challenge to the technology companies of today. Our Globally connected management team has extensive experience in investment, management, private equity, venture capital, structured finance and the management and incubation of companies.

"We leverage our knowledge, skills and networks to facilitate growth and deliver superior outcomes"

Outside Australia, we have representation in Perth, London, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, and Silicon Valley, which allow LinQ to tap into a global investor base and source transactions across America, Europe, Asia and other markets.

Our preference is to work with companies that;

-          Have progressed through the pilot phase and have proven technologies in the marketplace

-          Have established revenue streams or a clear pathway to cash flow

-          Have a clearly articulated growth strategy and a product that is scalable

-          Have a talented management team with proven track record

Reasons to partner with LinQ –Tech

-          Our Team has 30+ yrs experience in Technology, Investment Banking and Funds Management

-          We are open to partnering with companies at an embryonic or early stage

-          We have expertise in structuring innovative funding solutions across equity, hybrids and debt

-          We are well connected into Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, the two largest innovative hubs worldwide

-          We have an active global network of Investors, Institutions and Partners throughout North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia

-          We possess the in-house resources and expertise to provide accounting and administrative support to our clients and third party

           companies and can provide selective office representation

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