TransLinQ Properties Pty Ltd 


TransLinQ aims to offer investors the opportunity to invest in highly attractive de-risked property projects at a point where development approvals have been obtained, banking and construction contracts have been negotiated and agreed. Eligible investors are invited to participate in the projects alongside the sponsors through project specific investment syndicates. These projects in the main encompass residential apartment developments in Western Australia, but may from time to time include commercial/office developments and /or opportunities elsewhere in Australia. 

The key benefits for investors are best summarised as follows: 

  • alignment of investors with TransLinQ partners who co-invest in a significant way
  • investments open to eligible sophisticated investors
  • benefit of well established and successful track record of both TransLinQ partners
  • eligible investors are offered risk reduced participation in the trust syndicates after development approvals and bank funding terms are in place
  • rigorous risk management approach with high level of pre-sales execution prior to commencement of construction
  • relatively short investment life (circa 24-30 months)
  • a typical development will seek to raise circa $10-15M of equity capital from third party wholesale investors
  • attractive investment returns targeted in excess of 20% p.a.
  • strong property development market in Western Australia due to structural shortage of residential apartments which will continue due to a requirement for the supply of residential apartments to catch up and increased demand from domestic and international (mainly Chinese) buyers and investors seeking exposure to WA real estate

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