The Transcontinental Group (the Group) is a diversified investment house with interests mainly in property, through TRG Properties, and also has a history of interests in the resources sector. The Group’s founding Chairman, Anthony Trevisan embarked on a property related career in 1977 and moved into property development over 30 years ago. During the 1980’s Mr Trevisan was in a property partnership which brought the Target Supermarket chain into WA in a significant way and he was personally responsible for the development of a number of substantial shopping and retail centers in metropolitan areas. TRG Properties is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group, which over the years has evolved into a successful mainly residential property developer managed by highly experienced and skilled property specialists.

TRG Properties has been engaged in undertaking development and investment projects mainly within the WA real estate investment sector but also with successful forays into the Victorian market. TRG Properties has been engaged in residential and primarily residential mixed use developments, commercial (i.e. office) developments and investments and en-globo land subdivisions including canal estates. In recent years, in response to market conditions and opportunities, TRG Properties has focused on residential developments (townhouse and apartment projects and en-globo land developments) but can also react quickly to changes in market conditions as was the case with the development in Ord Street West Perth which was redesigned into commercial office space from a residential initial design due to unprecedented demand for well located office space at that time.

TRG Properties is a pure form property developer in that it acquires and develops the land and sells the final product directly but engages third party builders and consultants and sales agents as service providers. TRG Properties provides its own project management of all aspects of the development process including the management of external consultants.

TRG Properties Pty Ltd owns a 50% interest in Develop Australia Corporation Pty Ltd which is an incorporated joint venture with the Prime Group of Companies. Established by its Chairman and multiple award home builder Joe Passione, the Prime Group of Companies is a Western Australian based, nationally operating residential construction and property development business.

In addition to development, the Transcontinental Group owned and managed the Roy Weston Real Estate Group for twelve years. With some fifty five offices the Roy Weston Group was the largest and oldest established property retailers in Western Australia. With real estate sales in excess of one billion dollars per annum, this provided TRG Properties with excellent industry feedback and experience. The Roy Weston Group was sold to an international property retailing group.

The alignment of the considerable skill pools in TRG Properties and LinQ will enable TransLinQ to grow and scale up development activity in its growing residential development portfolio as well as a renewed interest in retail and commercial development.



LinQ Group (LinQ) had its origins from the Rothschild Australia Group through a management buyout in 2004 by Clive Donner of an investment business he founded in 1997. After spending his formative years as an executive with leading banking institutions internationally (including Citibank and NM Rothschild), Clive Donner established his personal investment track record through founding and managing a variety of investment funds in Australia.

Since its inception in 2004, LinQ has grown into a specialist value based fund manager and financial services firm with a substantial investment track record spanning over fifteen years of investing in the sub large cap companies, assets and projects. The team has an established track record of managing closed end investment trusts both in listed and unlisted structures and has advised, arranged, financed and developed numerous corporate transactions and development projects across the globe as well as having successfully secured strategic investments for its clients.

This expertise has enabled LinQ to develop a first class funds management platform which encompasses specialist technical know-how of establishing, managing and exiting investments and trusts with a particular focus on maintaining the highest standards of governance and compliance with market rules and regulations to safeguard investor capital. In addition, LinQ has established strong relationships with key service providers in the financial funds management industry including law firms, tax and accounting advisors, compliance specialists and third party custodians.

LinQ’s funds management platform is underpinned by advanced infrastructure including sophisticated hardware and software equipment to allow it to execute its responsibilities.